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Cognates and False Cognates

You know a lot of Spanish words because Spanish and English hold many words in common.

These words can…

  • Spell the same, or almost the same
  • Sound the same or similar
  • Spell a lot different, but sound similar

We call this type of word, “Cognates.


=> 100 Cognates

=> 1001 Cognates

=> Most Useful Cognates

=> Rules for Forming Cognates

False Cognates

False cognates look or sound like English words, but mean something different.


=> False Cognates

=> “False Friends” Words

=> False Cognate Online Quiz

Seguin Public Library for Free Spanish Learning Resources

Seguin Public Library Spanish Club

Seguin Library Summer/ Fall Spanish Club Calendar

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Free Mango Languages and Pronunciator Online Resources

Get a free Seguin Library Card and access two valuable online Spanish Study Resources

Mango Languages Application free with Seguin Library Online Access

Mango Languages Online available from Seguin Public Library Website

Pronunciator Application free with Seguin Library Online Access

Pronunciator available online from Seguin Public Library Website

You need Flash enabled on your computer to run both online applications. And, both applications offer support for mobile devices.

Get a Free Seguin Library Card

Take your TLU ID Card and Proof of Dorm residence to the Seguin Library to obtain a Seguin/ Guadalupe Country Library Card:

If you live in San Antonio (or another city or county that participates in the TexShare program); visit your local library and obtain a TexShare ID Card. Then, take your TexShare ID and Driver’s License to the Seguin Library for a free Library Card.