Promoting Discussions

Promoting Online Discussions

Promoting Online Discussions

Participant Requirements
_____   Comments you post refer to ideas and concepts that are related to assignments
_____   Opinions you express are backed by examples and/ or observations from your personal experience
_____   You offer creative suggestions; i.e., how I do it, how others do it
_____   Your comments are precise, concise, focused and targeted to the discussion topic
_____   Your comments tag, relate to and build on the comments of others
_____   Your comments tag share quotes, links, Websites and other resources
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Add Value to a Discussion
_____   Read and understand the other person’s post
_____   Analyze and cross-examine your own ideas before posting
_____   Contribute insights, related thoughts and viable alternatives
_____   Share real-world and actual experiences examples
_____   Supply references, documentation and support for your ideas
_____   Present disagreements in a positive and considerate way
_____   Express your thoughts clearly. Write well
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How-to Promote Discussion, NOT!
_____   Criticize other posters before reading or understanding what they wrote
_____   Take the poster’s comments “out of context”
_____   Complain first, study and analyze later
_____   Repeat another person’s ideas, but claim that these were your ideas
_____   Take examples from television, movies or cartoons to support your opinions
_____   Assume that everyone else is stupid, and tell them so
_____   Insult the poster because he or she didn’t read your material posted elsewhere
_____   Insult the poster because they disagree with you
_____   Complain, but refrain from providing an example or alternative
_____   Stick to your position, no matter what evidence other posters present
_____   Point out that other posters are “professors, academics, out of touch.” Demonstrate how they are “ivory-tower, idealistic, boring idiots”
_____   Point out that anyone would agree with you, if they had an ounce of intelligence
_____   Use “bad grammar” and satire to mock other posters
_____   Proclaim yourself as the “expert” in all things related to the topic
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