Spanish Alphabet

Alphabet Sounds

Spanish Alphabet 
Letter Name English Sound
a a aw
b be bay
c ce say
d de day
e e ay
f efe ef
g ge hay
h hache au-chayc
i i ee
j jota hoh-taw
k ka kaw
l ele ellie
m eme emmay
n ene any
ñ eñe en-yay
o o oh
p pe pay
q cu koo
r ere air-ray
rr erre err-ray
s ese essay
t te tay
u u oo
v ve vay
w doble ve dobe-ley-vay
s equis ek-eze
y i griega ee-gree-ai-ga
z zeta s

From: Profesora Chmielewski

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